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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Spring Break
  • Restrictions: DPU applicants only
  • Click for Tuition + Program Fee: Spring Break
  • Dates / Deadlines
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Short-term Academic Level: Undergraduate
Recommended GPA: 2.5 Living Arrangements: Hotel
Language of Instruction: English Liberal Studies Domain: EL
Study Abroad Contact: Julianne Angeli How COVID-19 could impact this program or your study abroad plans: Please see the Study Abroad COVID-19 page for more information.
Program Description:

Do you want to work abroad? Are you fascinated by different countries and cultures? Join us in London as we meet with DePaul alumni who have careers in the United Kingdom! We’re open to all majors. International careers span all degrees.

We will meet with DePaul alumni daily during the trip. You will even plan your own visit to an organization/person of your choosing with the help of your trip co-leaders. Your visits will include the world-renowned Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics, Counterpoint Consultants (social and cultural consultants on cultural intelligence), and King’s College International students department. In addition to our visits, you will have free time to explore the city yourself! Our last full day will include a dinner cruise on the River Thames.

Learn about yourself and your place in an international career. There are many keys to your success with an international career. Let us help you find your own personal keys.

The further I went, the more I began to realize that there was one most difficult culture of them all to crunch, which is your own. - Julia Middleton, founder and chief executive officer of Common Purpose UK


Johnny LaSalle Johnny has been with DePaul since April 2007. He currently serves as one of the Associate Directors in the Career Center where he oversees the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (network) as well as the Job Shadow Program while collaborating and partnering with the Career Exploration career community.

Past DePaul Experience includes serving as the Associate Director for the Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS), where he was responsible for leadership and oversight of the newly formed Cultural and Resource Centers, which provides holistic support for students with intersecting (social) cultural identities. Other DePaul experiences includes working with the Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning and the Center for Identity, Inclusion, and Social Change. He is also Adjunct Faculty for Liberal Arts & Social Sciences where he has taught a Discover course centering Queer Chicago and the LGBTQIA+ community as well as a core course under the Community Service Studies minor Critical Community Engagement.

Johnny received his B.A. in Cultural Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in Film/Video Communications from Antioch College and self-designed an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on College Student Development from DePaul University. Fun Fact: He was a dance artist formerly with Inspiración Dance Chicago where he performed Latin Jazz fusion partner dances in Chicago and nationally.

Karyn McCoy joined DePaul in May 2010 and she currently serves as assistant vice president of the Career Center. In this role, Karyn provides strategic direction and leadership for the Career Center - overseeing the development and delivery of career education and career experiences to DePaul students.

Prior to joining DePaul, Karyn worked as director of alumni relations at the Melbourne Business School in Melbourne, Australia, associate director of alumni relations at the Kellogg School of Management and assistant director of alumni education for the Northwestern Alumni Association. Karyn earned her BA in economics with minors in business and psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE), and the Career Leadership Collective.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Karyn currently resides in Chicago. Karyn is a lifelong learner, taking classes in everything from pottery and photography to circus acrobatics and improv. In her spare time, she also serves as a mentor with the Menttium organization, volunteers for Chicago Ideas and travels as much as possible.


**Prior to selection, students need to schedule an interview with the faculty directors.
There will be four mandatory pre-trip class meetings and one post-trip class meeting. The purpose of the pre-trip meetings is to provide students with the following information:
Course UIP 243: Exploring a Career Abroad
Credits 2 credit hours
Term registered Winter 2021
Liberal Studies Domain: Experiential Learning (EL)
Taught by Johnny LaSalle
Course description This 2-credit course is part of a 2 course series. This course will give undergraduate students who are interested in careers abroad a chance to analyze their own individual skills, values, and interests and explore career options. Students will research international careers and ask thoughtful and relevant questions to support their reflection assignments on careers abroad. The course will provide a self-evaluation that will help point students towards careers that best fit their interests and abilities. It will also introduce students to different careers abroad and the process of finding work abroad and following through with the process. Over spring break the students will use their information for a study abroad trip to London to meet with alumni.
Class Meeting Dates and Times: TBD, Approx. 8 meetings in LPC
Course UIP 244: Designing a Career Abroad
Credits 2 credit hours
Term registered Spring 2021
Liberal Studies Domain: Experiential Learning (EL)
Taught by Karyn McCoy
Course description Having just returned from eight days in London, you will be ready to reflect on how your study abroad experience as well as your academic courses, campus activities and work experience are relevant to your job search and of interest to potential employers. Whether you are seeking to work or study abroad immediately or as part of a long-term plan, this course will help you identify the resources, steps and strategies to realize your plan. Building off of what you learned in UIP 243 and your time in London, you will learn how to articulate your personal brand, provide concrete evidence of your qualifications and create a search plan for working or studying abroad.

This course is the second part of a two course series, UK: International Careers. The courses, which bracket a career trek to London, are designed to help undergraduate students who are interested in working or studying abroad after DePaul, with an opportunity to assess values, skills, interests and career options as well as connect with alumni who are working abroad in London, England. You must apply and be accepted to UK: International Careers in order to enroll in this course.
Class Meeting Dates and Times: TBD, Approx. 5 meetings in LPC
Please note that although some courses are registered in a particular term, some coursework or final assignments may be due in a different term. E.g. Course registered in winter quarter, but coursework is due in spring quarter once the travel component of the program is complete.

Hotel accommodations are double occupancy in an exciting London neighborhood close to attractions.

There are hundreds of DePaul alumni who are graduates from every college in the university. We will visit 8-10 alumni from various programs with a wide-variety of careers in London.
Visits to Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics & another educational institution (e.g. King’s College) will provide you with more opportunity to learn in person about a graduate degree abroad.
We will meet with consultants at Counterpoint (social and cultural consultants on cultural intelligence) to dig deeper into the benefits of being a professional with strong cultural intelligence.


All students participating in study abroad will be charged both tuition (billed at the regular DePaul tuition rate, based on the number of credits enrolled) and a program fee. Please read the program fee details carefully to understand exactly what is included, as this can vary from program to program. If the program fee is posted, be sure to note whether the fee is current or from a previous year (past program fees may serve as a guide until the current program fee is available). If the current program fee has not yet been posted, please check back closer to the application deadline. Please also note the withdrawal policy.

DePaul offers several types of scholarships for students studying abroad, and students should visit the scholarship page early in the application process for information on eligibility and deadlines.


DePaul Study Abroad is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, and this program is currently moving forward. If the program is canceled prior to departure, students will be refunded 100% of the program fee and withdrawn from any associated classes with no penalty or tuition charges. Study Abroad has also modified the standard Withdrawal Policy, and any students who commit to this program and decide to withdraw 90+ days prior to the program start date will not be charged any withdrawal fees. For more information, go to the DePaul Study Abroad COVID-19 Updates page.

If you are planning to study abroad and do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. Some programs require travelers to obtain visas. In that case, contact the local consulates or embassies of the countries you will be visiting for up-to-date instructions on how to apply for them. As of this publication, students on the United Kingdom: International Careers program who are US citizens might need a visa. Please note, however, that visa requirements can change. The Study Abroad Program will update this website to reflect changes to the visa requirements as they become available.

Here are some helpful tips from former students who have participated in this program:
  • Buy a tube transportation pass as well as a map of the transit system so you can navigate the city by yourself.
  • Don't be afraid to explore outside of your group in your free time, just let people know where you are at all times.
  • If you know more than one language, use them! So many people in London speak a language other than English.
  • Immerse yourself in the new culture as much as possible.
  • There are many cheap food options, so there's no need to spend much on food.
  • Go to places to eat that aren't chain restaurants we have in the US, and go to events around the city such as concerts or shows. London has so much to offer!
  • Make sure you take a small notebook to take notes about your trip and a good camera or phone camera for pictures.
  • Take some time to understand the exchange rates and the different currency (the British pound) before you leave.
  • London is relatively expensive, so be sure to budget accordingly.
  • If you're going out make sure you are able to be alert during the meetings/interviews the next day. It's easy to get caught up in he nightlife of London because you're there for a short time, but remember why you're there!
  • That said, go out on the town responsibly! It is not every day that you are in a city like London.
  • Make sure you look up directions prior to leaving any areas with wifi so that you use as little international data as possible.
  • Please be mindful that this is a school sponsored trip - not a vacation. There will be time to explore the city but be prepared to make connections and attend sessions with DePaul Alumni from different walks of life.

If you have any questions about the student experience on this program, feel free to contact any of the following DePaul students who have participated:  

DePaul University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or handicap in admissions, employment, or the provision of services. Inquiries regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources, 1 East Jackson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Circumstances, such as an unexpected event abroad or a curriculum change, may require DePaul University to make changes to the program. DePaul University reserves the right to cancel or alter programs and courses without notice.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Admissions Notification Date Start Date End Date
Spring Break 2021 11/01/2020 12/01/2020 03/19/2021 03/28/2021