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  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Fall
  • Restrictions: DPU applicants only
  • Click for Tuition + Program Fee: Fall, Winter
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Length: Term-long Academic Level: Undergraduate
Required GPA: 2.5 Living Arrangements: Apartment
Language of Instruction: English Prerequisite: Approval from the Theater School required prior to application
Liberal Studies Domain: EL Study Abroad Contact: Alma Sandoval
How COVID-19 could impact this program or your study abroad plans: Please see the Study Abroad COVID-19 page for more information.
Program Description:
RCSSD Building
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD, or Central) is a prestigious established professional theatre training program in London, UK. Like The Theatre School at DePaul University, Central awards undergraduate degrees in specific technical theatre practices. The school has been designated a Center for Excellence in Theatre Training by the British Government. RCSSD is also one of the colleges and institutes of the University of London.

The Theatre School’s Study Abroad program in London offers theatre design and technology students the opportunity to explore the exceptionally rich city of London, an international theatre center, as well as a meeting place for western and non-western cultures. Central’s Embassy campus is set in Hampstead, a quiet, leafy corner of the city - but is only 3 tube stops from central London. Across a plaza where a regular outdoor market sells great coffee, fresh produce and international food, Central faces the Hampstead Theatre, one of London’s key producers of new writing. This plaza acts as a forum that informally extends RCSSD’s campus. From here, trains take you directly into the heart of London in ten minutes or less, as well as to Central Bankside, RCSSD’s studio facility in the heart of Southwark’s riverside arts sector, right next to Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern.

Up to seven students per year, nominated by The Theatre School, will be able to study at RCSSD for one semester (Fall Term only). Students will engage in production work in RCSSD’s performance series or will have placements with professional theatre practitioners, as well as working with Central tutors on independent study projects determined by their advisors in conjunction with the Central faculty.

The Central educational approach is structured around competencies. The term begins with short intensive instruction as necessary for production assignments. After that time, lectures and seminars continue for each ‘pathway’ (sound design, lighting design) and focus on theory as well as creative solutions and required knowledge for the specific productions for that quarter, essentially functioning as advising for the productions, as well as instruction in skills for the major. For the rest of the term, students work on practical projects with significant contact hours of advisement and supervision. Students will also attend London theatre performances as part of RCSSD’s ‘What is Performance?’ class.

4th year students in the following BFA programs are eligible to apply: Scene Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Theatre Technology, Costume Technology, and Stage Management. One student per major may be accepted into the program each year. Students must notify their advisors of their intent to apply by the end of the fall quarter, a year in advance.


Students will engage in production work in RCSSD's performance series or will have placements with professional theatre practitioners, as well as working with RCSSD tutors on independent study projects determined by their advisors in conjunction with the RCSSD faculty. Students will also attend London theatre performances as part of RCSSD's 'What is Performance?' class.

4th year students in the following BFA programs are eligible to apply:
  • Scene Design
  • Costume Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Theatre Technology
  • Costume Technology
  • Stage Management
One student per major may be accepted into the program each year. Students must notify their advisors of their intent to apply by the end of the fall quarter, a year in advance.

While in London, students will be accommodated in shared apartments. Apartments are located within Zones 1 and 2 of central London and within close proximity to Underground stations. Apartments may house 2-8 students per unit within shared bedrooms. Amenities include wireless internet access, fully equipped kitchen with cookery, washing machine, separate lounge/dining room, and weekly cleaning service. Meals are not provided. Kitchen facilities are available and students may purchase food from nearby grocers and restaurants and cafes.
  • Only one student per major can participate.
  • Students must notify their advisor of their intention to apply by the end of fall quarter of their third year.

Application Requirements

Students interested in applying to this program will be required to submit the following materials:
  • Complete the DePaul Study Abroad Application Questionnaire
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Curriculum plan for winter and spring of junior year and all quarters of senior year. The curriculum plan must included a list of all classes the student plans to take each quarter including any liberal studies classes or electives and the courses a student plans to take during the Fall term in London. The plan will show that the student will fulfill all requirements for graduation. Students can assume that they will have their 4th year courses in their major, a production assignment, and an additional class that can be a theatre or non theatre elective. Students can also take an independent study class in drawing or rendering, or another topic, to fulfill an elective. Students should discuss this plan with their advisor before applying.

Student Eligibility

TTS students must be in excellent academic standing and be evaluated, by the Design/ Technical Faculty, to have excellent professional potential and making good progress toward the degree. They must have either completed all Liberal Studies and TTS elective requirements before going to RCSSD or have an achievable plan to complete all Liberal Studies and TTS elective requirements upon return. Students must be deemed to be 'good citizens' of TTS. The DT Faculty will have final approval in selection of students who will travel to RCSSD.


Once students are selected, advisors will work with those students to outline the required curricular goals for the term abroad, using the RCSSD unit outline and dues requirements as a guideline, and creating an outline of requirements to satisfy both the RCSSD units and any TTS requirements. TTS will create an assessment outline based on RCSSD Self-assessment and project documentation requirements, and show which requirements will fulfill TTS requirements for the quarter. Students should be aware that, due to lead time requirements, TTS students will not be assigned as lead production roles (designers, stage managers, etc.) on productions at RCSSD but will instead fill support roles, such as painters, assistants, prop builders, etc. Students cannot fulfill Liberal Studies requirements during the quarter abroad. In addition, students should either plan to take the Design elective sequence in a different year (recommended), or work out with their advisor an alternative for the missing quarter. In the case of other required electives, learning goals and due requirements can be developed to replicate the requirement while at RCSSD.

All students participating in study abroad will be charged both tuition and a program fee. Tuition is billed at the student's regular DePaul tuition rate based on the number of credits enrolled. Click for the Fall quarter program fee for your program. Read the details carefully to understand exactly what is included. Please also note the withdrawal policy. DePaul offers several types of scholarships for students studying abroad, and students should visit the scholarship page early in the application process for information on eligibility and deadlines. Students are also encouraged to speak with the DePaul financial aid office for more information about financing their study abroad experience.

DePaul Study Abroad is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, and this program is currently moving forward. If the program is canceled prior to departure, students will be refunded 100% of the program fee and withdrawn from any associated classes with no penalty or tuition charges. Study Abroad has also modified the standard Withdrawal Policy, and any students who commit to this program and decide to withdraw 90+ days prior to the program start date will not be charged any withdrawal fees. For more information, go to the DePaul Study Abroad COVID-19 Updates page.

If you are planning to study abroad and do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. Some programs require students to obtain student visas. In that case, contact the country's local consulate or embassy for up-to-date instructions. As of this publication, students on this program DO need a visa. Students can apply for a short-term student visa ahead of time or can apply for the visa upon arriving by showing a proof of enrollment letter from RCSSD (hardcopy of original letter required) at the airport. Students cannot enter the UK from Ireland. To find out more information about the visa process for your select country(ies), visit our Visa Information Page. Please note that visa requirements can change quickly. Study Abroad will update this website to reflect changes as they become available.

DePaul University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or handicap in admissions, employment, or the provision of services. Inquiries regarding this policy should be addressed to the Director of Human Resources, 1 East Jackson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Circumstances, such as an unexpected event abroad or a curriculum change, may require DePaul University to make changes to the program. DePaul University reserves the right to cancel or alter programs and courses without notice.

Dates / Deadlines:

Thank you for your interest in this program! We are not currently accepting applications. In general, applications open about 6 months before program application deadlines.

This program is currently not accepting applications.